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Sometimes you have to take an objective look at what you’ve written.

The Objective Mr. Fitton

Ya Right! Who’s objective? The way I look at it is: Fitton you’d better be objective. So how do you know if what you’ve written is flowing along the way it should? I don’t have a little alarm bell in my head. It’s a meltdown device that drives me crazy when something isn’t right. Well, this morning that meltdown device sent me into a tizzy.

I had spent the beginning of the book up in the colony in Canada in 2047 telling the story of how Patch Kincaid is done thinking about the Kennedy Assassination. Kennedy was killed. That’s it! Right?

Oh no no no no…. He gets back in time and then is excited about finding those who committed the crime, etcetera. How can this writer from Cape Cod overlook the premise at the beginning of the book? Glad I woke up.

How to fix… How to fix.

First of all Patch has to make his feelings clear…. SNIP SNIP SNIP away ‘the turn on a dime Patch’ and create a little tension. Make him work to the conclusion that he hates the National Security State of the future which began in the 20th century. Overall-have his actions make sense which I did…

AND WHILE I’M AT IT- I never gave any clue to the reader as well as background info on what is coming up…. so I did. Little repairs that seamlessly blend into the story. Like to pick these intruders out of my story before I proceed too far. Don’t want to have to re-write hundreds of pages or change the storyline dramatically at the end. When I used a
typewriter early on re-writing was… well that’s why some of the audio on my site is known as a FREEBEE.

I think I’ll work on my cover for American Injustice as the fireworks explode not too far away.

We will see if I still like the cover by the time the novel is done sometime in the fall… Fireworks are DONE. Over and out.


The Third Patch Kincaid Book

Sample Episode 1 of the Kennedy Paradox

Sample of Return to Dallas

American Injustice
Robert P. Fitton

No, American Injustice is not a blank cover!(lol) As soon as I get the cover done I will post it… What’s weird is that I began three books last week: The prequel of Sojourn (The Shanghai Incursion), a time travel book (Letters from Jane), and American Injustice. All was going well until I started American Injustice- Then I just kept going! Editing-rewriting and changing characters. So, I guess I’m working on the third Patch Kincaid time travel book. In this book Patch is ahead in time. The narrative eventually involves the time period of the Jim Garrison investigation and the Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinations. I think it’s important to talk about the facts and posit how false narratives were set in place. And everything in-between.

The past tugged at Patch like cyclone threatening to sweep him back to horrific places he had forgotten and never wanted to see again. At age thirty-nine and happily married, he stood with his family in line at the carnival. The warming summer sun even in the afternoon had a soothing effect, massaging the struggles of his time traveling adventures that culminated with the death of the thirty-fifth president of the United States. Kennedy’s death would emerge from his unconsciousness if only of a few seconds and then sink back into protected hidden memories. Maybe the roller coaster up ahead stimulated those moments to the surface. He thought about his friend Ray Meinkewitz, still in the past. Meinkewitz had spent his life perfecting retrograde and travel through time, only to conclude that human beings had no business changing time.”

Beginning Draft of American Injustice

The rain has paused here on Cape Cod And I’ll shift gears to Saturday Night! See you next time!


Live Webcam from The Beachcomber in Wellfleet

Who, I say WHO is this Guy?

Robert P. Fitton

This is an excellent opportunity to look ‘under the hood’ while writing. I don’t know what this engine will look like! The blog will in real time give an insight to me-Oh my God! And I think readers will get a better understanding of where I’m approaching different characters and themes in my stories. And I will have flashbacks to other books I have written as well as audio from the audio books and podcast. I think you’ll see a history influence, a sense of crime solving and character perseverance. Not all my work is humorous like the Matthias Jones series but it isn’t humorless either. Questions will be answered… possibly truthfully.

So read on Macbeth!