Smart Mouth Wiley and the Ice of Triton

Triton is 56,958,438,584 miles from earth. Looks a little cold, eh? That’s because it is! It’s–235 degrees Celsius. But that’s outside not in the environment inside Station 32. This moon orbits in retrograde-kind of like Buck Wiley. I will only say that this guy and his snarky mouth is 99.99% based on a real guyContinue reading “Smart Mouth Wiley and the Ice of Triton”

OMG: Are you telling me I’m turning into someone else?

As we get older, we sometimes acquire the habits or even the looks of our parents or those who have come before us. Sometimes we pick up bad habits from people and plot a self-correcting course away from the behavior. When I worked in California for a major paint manufacturer, I often was in theContinue reading “OMG: Are you telling me I’m turning into someone else?”

Dreams that won’t come true…

I am intrigued when life turns on a dime causing huge personal or sociological implications. The assassination of President Kennedy is one of those events. The United States changed irreparably, culturally, and governmentally when JFK was gunned down. Sometimes in history it is the motivation of individuals such as Washington crossing the Delaware absolutely changedContinue reading “Dreams that won’t come true…”

Sid Smoltz – the old song and dance comes to Hamilton, New Hampshire.

Sid Smoltz. Need I say anymore? What’s that you say? Don’t know Sid Smoltz? Oh you will. Sid Smoltz. (Shaking my head) A big man with a big head. “Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.” ― Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim Motives for Murder: Envy.Continue reading “Sid Smoltz – the old song and dance comes to Hamilton, New Hampshire.”

Greg Provost and the River of Fate

Do you believe in fate? I do but it depends which timeline and universe you’re operating in… I am not, however, parachuting into writing about multiverses or specific parallel universes in this post. I wish to get slightly creepier, focused on one predetermined timeline and people caught up in the whole scenario. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.Continue reading “Greg Provost and the River of Fate”

Who is Lurking Outside the Exchange House?

Many, many years ago, after a nice evening as I was kissing her, she screamed. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “The window! The window!” she said holding me. “Someone is looking in the window!” I thought I heard things. I dragged her into the hall and then exited out the front door. I checked theContinue reading “Who is Lurking Outside the Exchange House?”

The Wonderful Land of WOZ

(I live there too) Creativity, innovation, persistence… Steve Wozniak is one of my favorites. Did he have the pizzazz of Steve Jobs, that uncanny ability to sell a product, an idea, a concept? In his own way he did. That’s not why I’m writing today’s blog. I’m actually being a bit sneaky in this blog. I’m talkingContinue reading “The Wonderful Land of WOZ”

Letter to Country Hide-A-Ways Magazine from Charley McGowan-Barclay, Idaho

Charles McGowan esq. Corner of Elm and Main Street Barclay, Idaho Mr. Sam Freeman Country Hide-A-ways Magazine Los Angeles, California Dear Mr. Freeman, Greetings from God’s Country (This really is God’s country!) I’ve enclosed a post card from the area that might convince you that Barclay, Idaho is worthy of an article in Country Hide-A-WaysContinue reading “Letter to Country Hide-A-Ways Magazine from Charley McGowan-Barclay, Idaho”

An Interview with Coach Matthias Jones

The following is will simulcast on WOFI Prince William, New Hampshire. Here is Hamilton Enterprise owner, Tom McGill. I was able to sit down with Hamilton College Coach Matthias Jones before his basketball game against Mac Conner and his team. Tom McGill, Hamilton Enterprise: Coach Jones, thanks for meeting with me today. Coach Matthias Jones:Continue reading “An Interview with Coach Matthias Jones”