Time out: The Drum Major Instinct

When I was studying relevant events from the spring of 1963, I was of course drawn to Dr. King’s funeral service at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Upon watching the video of the service, I was interested in the recording of a sermon by Dr. King called the Drum Major Instinct, the audio ofContinue reading “Time out: The Drum Major Instinct”

Time out: Euology for Martin Luther King

Reverend Abernathy eulogizes his friend. An almost inconceivable moment as the body of Dr. Martin Luther King lay in a coffin at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time it was unavoidable to not feel the loss. However, as the decades passed, the cataclysmic void of history, leadership and moral judgement becomesContinue reading “Time out: Euology for Martin Luther King”

Time Out: RFK Mindless Menace Of Violence Speech

Senator Robert F. Kennedy                                                      “Mindless Menace of Violence Speech” City Club of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio                                                                    April 5, 1968                 I speak to your under diferent circumstances than I had intended to just twenty-four hours ago. For this is a time of shame and a time of sorrow. It is not a day for politics. IContinue reading “Time Out: RFK Mindless Menace Of Violence Speech”

Time Out: Martin Luther King Mountaintop Speech.

Martin Luther King Mountaintop Speech  Memphis Tennessee April 3, 1968 Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Most people would flinch when those words are heard. Martin Luther King’s message over the years had prompted the bigots and the haters to come out of the shadows. Bringing African Americans into the mainstreamContinue reading “Time Out: Martin Luther King Mountaintop Speech.”

Time Out: LBJ Withdrawal Speech

Lyndon Baines Johnson Withdrawal Speech March 31, 1968 (YouTube) In politics two weeks is a lifetime. One statement, policy change or perhaps a gaff can cause a campaign to freefall or another to skyrocket or at the least have a new life. Both Kennedy and McCarthy faced the man in the White House, Lyndon BainesContinue reading “Time Out: LBJ Withdrawal Speech”


Nothing was taken for granted when Robert Kennedy announced for President on March 16, 1968. He jumped into the race, facing an incumbent president, an anti-war senator who won the New Hampshire primary, and the thought he was only garnering support because of his fallen brother. In a second speech on March 18, 1968, SenatorContinue reading “Time Out: RFK REMARKS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS”

Time Out: Senator Robert  F. Kennedy: Landon Lecture

I watched with great anticipation when Bobby Kennedy announced his candidacy for President of the United States and recorded the event on my tiny reel-to-reel recorder. We did not live in a world of instant news back then. Although I never heard the Senator speak at Kansas State, I was aware the ‘the campaign wasContinue reading “Time Out: Senator Robert  F. Kennedy: Landon Lecture”

Time Out: The Other America

In my upcoming novel American Injustice Volume 2 an African American father encounters extreme prejudice in an airport as his daughters are listening to Dr. King’s speech on March 14, 1968.  When Patch Kincaid attempts to intervene to stop the attack on the man, the police arrest him. This was the convoluted morals world facedContinue reading “Time Out: The Other America”

Time Out: What was an LBJ newsconference like during the Vietnam War?

It was a time of disinformation from Generals, the policy makers, and the president- all at the expense of the American people, especially the drafted boys who were thrown into the meat grinder. How many of us who lived through that time heard the news that someone we knew had been killed in the warContinue reading “Time Out: What was an LBJ newsconference like during the Vietnam War?”

Time Out: The Garrison Interview

Return to 1967 and really listen to what Garrison is saying. Everything else follows. We may not know everything about the Kennedy Assassination today but we know more and more as time goes by. It all begins with this man, who had the temerity to challenge, investigate and litigate the official version. PLAYBOY: You haveContinue reading “Time Out: The Garrison Interview”