The Duplicitous Mr. Oswald and the Bringuier Fight

The Twilight Zone: A Stop at Willoughby
Push, push, push-Sell, sell, sell

Outside sales representatives want customers to trust them and they want to trust customers. The last thing a customer wants is a lying rep, distorting products, pricing, or shipping. Nor does a rep want a customers to lie about their buying habits, what they pay for goods or distorting their needs in order to gain leverage.

Carlos Bringuier

Carlos Bringuier  was a leader in the anti Castro exile community. Bringuier was the New Orleans delegate of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE), financed and formed by CIA. Patch and Shari have set up their first Oswald surveillance across from the Bringuier clothing store, Casa Roca in New Orleans. It’s August 2, 1963, just a little more than ninety days until Kennedy is killed in Dallas. Without even delving into the unclassified documents showing CIA involvement with the DRE, it is only necessary to follow Oswald’s action on the streets of New Orleans to understand the CIA’s motives. This particular surveillance is like a closed jar of gold dust floating in the water rearing a cover labeled ‘CLUES.’

The House Select Committee on Assassinations

The dialogue of this chapter is taken from HSCA testimony. The words are not conspiracy theory. They are the words of Lee Oswald, working with Guy Bannister out of 544 Camp Street while a short time later handing out pro-Castro Communist pamphlets. This operation, unknown to Patch and Shari is an operation to discredit the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Handing out communist literature paves the way for Oswald being branded a communist the afternoon of the president’s murder.

Lee Oswald working both sides

Again, on August 9th, 1963, Oswald is at it again. Even through his words over a  half a century ago there is the impression that he was a communist and maybe others worked with him. The plain fact is Oswald was set up. He was a prime candidate to be framed because of the double dealing work he did in the summer of 1963 and because of his being a part of the false defector program to the Soviet Union. And Oswald initiated a fight (as he was told to do.) Surprise! Intel performs these operations at home and abroad all the time.

Imagine being back in time like Patch Kincaid. He has Shari take photos as he records Lee Harvey Oswald on the 3 ½ inch tape recorder.  When Oswald was in the Casa Roca store just days before he proclaims that Communism holds no future and he proclaims as an Ex- Marine he can train exiles in guerrilla warfare and sabotage. But the DRE doesn’t want military action. Oswald offers to blow up the Huey P. Long Bridge. Or he could derail a train. We can thank Jim Garrison’s investigation as well as the HSCA committee testimony for much of the initial New Orleans-Oswald knowledge. The narrative form of Oswald’s duplicity with all the tensions and mystery of a novel leaves the stark impression that something just isn’t right.

The Oswald Bringuier  Fight

After the ‘fight’ and Oswald’s subsequent arrest Oswald, the loner, the malcontent, and drifter calls the FBI and is sprung from jail. It’s important to remember that the communist handout and advertisement for a free lecture is attributed to AJ Hidell who at 544 Camp Street is at the same address as commie hating Guy Banister.

Guy Bannister’s Office
544 Camp Street

Banister did tell somebody later Oswald was working for him. But in a larger sense Oswald was working for David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides, the Customs House, and the FBI with a little Naval intelligence on the side. That’s not what the Dallas police were quickly told nor was it what we were led to believe on November 22, 1963, within hours of the shooting. What a perfect set-up for a patsy.

The Puppeteers and the Patsy

David Atlee Phillips CIA
George Joanhides CIA
Lee Oswald accused of murder three months later.

Warren DeBreys
Clay Shaw
Dave Ferrie

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New Orleans, David Ferrie, and the PO Box.

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New Orelans 1963

Writing a fictitious novel is radically different than the complexity of a historical book. Patch and Shari’s downtime by the powers to be is not written for the reader to take in the beauty of the Galveston coast. Nor is this chapter inserted for Patch to do ‘kissy-kissy’ with Shari and tell her how he feels about her. All those aspects work. With history, if you’re honestly aligning dates and times with relevant events, you can jump ahead to the important part of the historical narrative or you can give depth to characters and maybe enhance the story with romance. So, the gap between Dallas and the New Orleans Oswald operations works just fine.

Galveston Beach

All of us have been in over our head during our life. But I doubt we’ve had the likes of Johnny Roselli, the mob, the anti-Castro Cubans, and the intel agencies put the squeeze on us. Patch and Shari walk into the Lafyette Postal Annex and approach the post office box. In every assassination book David Ferrie shows up. And until recently everyone thought Ferrie to be a quirky, high pitched voiced weirdo. That’s not the case. Ferrie was ultra-conservative with a baritone voice. And he was intelligent. During the audio recording of Return to Dallas the high pitched Ferrie’s voice had to be changed when a five second piece of tape with the real Ferrie’s voice was unearthed. The transformed voice alters his persona. Ferrie, an unequivocal JFK assassination participant, hands Patch a tiny brass key for PO box 300543, next to Oswald’s PO box.

David W. Ferrie

“I flew him into Cuba during the Bay of Pigs ahead of the invasion,” says Ferrie, adding to Patch’s lost memories of his past. After Ferrie leaves Patch removes a manilla envelope, containing two-thousand dollars, from the PO box. Patch is indebted to Roselli for the phenomenal cash flow. The risk of the surveillance and the cast of marginal characters who can easily kill, create a constant tension.

Another Two Grand for Lemon and Lime

Meet contact

Eladio del Valle

La Petite Fluer

9:00 p.m.

August 2, 1963

Eladio del Valle

Before Patch and Shari enter La Petite Fluer they hear the weird song- it really did make the top forty, Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport.   I’m not making this up. Eladio del Valle, who will die on the same day as David Ferrie in 1967, comes under scrutiny by researchers in the JFK Assassination. del Valle’s role in the assassination is very serious business and Patch having him as a contact is not meant to diminish his importance. Ferrie’s ties to del Valle link him to the assassination.

Guy Bannister

And not to become farcical but the rabid anti-communist Guy Bannister, who knew Patch in 1961 in the Kennedy Paradox shows up at the bar. Bannister’s pearl handle revolver is in plain sight. Yet due to his memory deficiency Patch does not recognize Bannister which triggers the short-fused Bannister into threatening Patch. Bannister, like del Valle and Ferrie are on a need-to-know basis with the surveillance operation and the assassination. This is done merely to demonstrate that these individuals, including Roselli were a part of the conspiracy.

Orest Pena’s Habana Bar

Patch and Shari, acting on a tip from Bannister himself, walk through the French Quarter to Orest Pena’s Habana Bar. Although this is not the beginning of the official surveillance Patch and Shari see their target- a more social Oswald than described by Ruby and McWillie as well as Oswald associating with the very people he purports to oppose. New Orleans is the center of the storm as the book progresses with the players involved in the conspiracy, many a part of United States intelligence agencies, about to make appearances in the subsequent chapters as the surveillance begins.

Postscript: Since Return to Dallas was written there have been rumors of intel personnel surveilling Oswald before the assassination. Having Oswald surveilled zeroes in on the agencies true motives as they handled Oswald or sent others out to impersonate him.

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Lemon and Lime arrive at the fringe of the JFK Conspiracy

Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby often ate at the Egyptian Lounge in Dallas, Texas, owned in 1963 by Joe Campisi. After the death of Lee Oswald Jack Ruby was visited in jail by none other than Joe Campisi. The House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations believed that Jack Ruby had eaten at Campisi’s restaurant the night before Kennedy was murdered. Rumors abound about Joe Campisi’s Mafia connections.

And guess where Patch and Shari end up after midnight after the harrowing trip from Las Vegas? The Egyptian Lounge of course. Jack motions them inside with his head. Campisi is seen on the periphery to provide a general sense of his character and what he does. The steaming lasagna, low light, and Italian music in the background further enhance the persona of the Egyptian Lounge.

Joe Campisi

Whether members of the Dallas police force frequented the Egyptian Lounge is not readily known. Placement of ‘Gerry’ at the lounge with Jack as Patch and Shari eat their lasagna and the reference to Dallas Policemen Pinky Westbrook, Nick McDonald, and Paul Bentley brings into question the  logistical involvement in the JFK assassination and the murder of Office J.D. Tippit. In Return to Dallas Jack Ruby never mentions anything about the assassination to Gerry, but it’s clear something is up. These cops may be a part of something they may not fully ever understand.

Gerry Hill

Pinky  Westbrook

Maurice ‘Nick’ McDonald

Paul  Bentley

Jack performs his role, obtaining the Edson portable record with Bakelite mic and the listening device and camera for Patch. Patch is astounded when another two thousand dollars is removed from a manilla envelope. Jack informs Patch and Shari they are onboard the surveillance now and they’ll blow our heads off if you try to back out. That’s a good incentive not to back out.

Lee Oswald

On yellow bonded paper are instructions to head to Austin and meet someone named Max at the 6th Street bridge. They receive a photo of Lee Oswald from two years ago. After heading for the Beachcomber Motel, accommodations provided by Jack, Patch places Shari behind the wheel as they are chased up the highway. The light-colored Ford station wagon is no match for Shari’s driving skills and they are able to safely get away.

The taped reports and photos will  be sent to New York City to a Mr. Ed Toraz. Ed Toraz was of course the pseudonym for Bernardo de Torres who was in the thick of the conspiracy with CIA connections. They don’t have to arrive in New Orleans until August 2nd and at eleven AM go to the Post Office box. Max leaves after telling them to wait at the bridge for further instructions. If Max isn’t military then I’m Snow White,” says Patch. “Funny you don’t look like snow white, Shari replies.

Bernard Barker

Bernard Barker

Rolando Masferre

Rolando Masferre

Bernard Barker and Rolando Masferre  approach Patch and Shari on the bridge. Barker later of Watergate burglar fame, was heavily involved in the failed Bay of Pigs operation. According to Dallas detective, Seymour Weitzman, Barker was the man on the Grassy Knoll who was showing Secret Service identification and ordering people out of the area. Barker reiterates what Roselli has said about Patch’s courage in preventing the terrorist Carlos Sanchez from killing several Mafia leaders.

59 Chevy

Patch and Shari don’t know that Max is from Army intel. He calls them Lemon and Lime and hands then an updated photo of Oswald. Max mentions the President is coming to Dallas in November but the details are not formalized. In his rules of engagement, he instructs them they are to stay out of sight from Oswald. Their surveillance will be a singular operation with a verbal report on tape submitted after each encounter. Max makes it clear Jack role in this operation is over and to stay away from him. A post office box number 300543 has been set up at the Lafayette Post Office Annex in New Orleans for Patch and Shari. This box is next to Oswald’s box at the post office.

Nag’s Head-Remember that city in North Carolina. As Patch and Shari leave the bridge area a man with binoculars is park not too far away. Woosley Chevrolet, Nag’s head North Carolina is stamped on the rear of the car. Patch asks him why he’s so far away from North Carolina and he claims he is bird watching. But Patch, not trusting anyone notices a tag on the binoculars that could indicate government. Lee Oswald while in custody tried to call a cutout in Raleigh N.C., near Nag’s Head, North Carolina- where the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) had a training site for fake defectors, Oswald’s assignment from 1959-1962 in the USSR. The Nag’s Head reference in Return to Dallas is a friendly reminder of the real Lee Harvey Oswald.

Patch and Shari next drive to Galveston Beach for a weeks of downtime before they are thrust in the thick of the Oswald operation in New Orleans.

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“You’ll be paid $2000 per report Patch.”

The Strip in the 1960’s

Money is the ultimate persuader. And money is in the air with slot machines and high rollers as Patch and Shari cruise onto the Las Vegas strip. The So Much In Love song by the Tymes is playing in the background, adding a flavor of the time period and echoing Patch and Shari’s burgeoning relationship. On the radio the news broadcast speaks of the signing of a nuclear test ban treaty. When we think how President Kennedy was changing the existing order, we have to consider that this treaty stirred up the hornets nest at the Pentagon and at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The World War Two cold warriors who defeated the Nazis with the weapons of war were not going to stand down. Shari mentions the Missile Crisis last October with the possibility of ninety million human beings killed. This is critical because going through the Missile Crisis moved President Kennedy toward peace.

The Thunderbird

We are at the point in the book where the set up is in place. Patch has been charmed and bribed into an operation by Roselli, who worked closely with the CIA to take down Castro. Now Roselli in 1963 is meeting often with Bill Harvey, who controls ZR/RIFLE- planned assassinations by the CIA. With Shari he strolls into the Thunderbird to meet a Mafia man who has worked the casinos in Cuba during the 1950’s. McWillie was not an active participant in the Kennedy Assassination and is used in Return to Dallas to convey Roselli’s instructions to surveil Lee Oswald. No doubt Oswald was watched closely by many people. The duplitious Oswald with intelligence connections along with a nefarious cast of characters is shown in a sourced, realistic rendition of the events in late summer 1963 through the assasination.

Lewis McWillie

Again JFK Assasination affiandoes and historians forgive the author for depositing Jack Ruby at the Thunderbird. Jack idolizes Lewis McWillie and he was in Vegas at the time. He has a wise guy persona because he liked to be ‘Big Man.’ Ruby exercises by swimming which he alludes to in the book. He doesn’t smoke nor does he imbibe alcholhic beverages. He tells Patch and Shari about Sonny Liston’s Heaveyweight defense against Floyd Patterson last week. It was all over, accoding to the Murder of Sonny Liston book in 2:10 of the first round.

Jack Ruby

McWillie sets the stage for what the plotters of JFK’s death will do: Brand Oswald as a Marxist. Let everyone know how Oswald is an angry young man. Reports will be recorded on a 3-1/2-inch tape recorder and mailed to a specific address. Patch must remain in the shadows and not let Oswald see him. The government is after Patch after he disappeared at the end of The Kennedy Paradox in 1961 and even two years later, they want to apprehend or even kill Patch. And more tidbits. Allen Dulles has been replaced by John McCone and Richard Helms is hiding all the shenanigans in the Caribbean from McCone. When Meinkewitz is mentioned, Patch has the same queasy feeling in his stomach as when Kennedy is mention. Jack, says McWillie, knows all the cops on the force. This is a vital component of the conspiracy. ” You take the play away,” said Jack in his real-life expression. Jack will be driving south, which means Dallas, tomorrow morning.

And then Shari says she thinks she should go back home to Spokane. She has a bewildered expression and then hugs Patch before leaving. “I worry about you Patch.” But she departs and Patch returns to his room alone.

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“I’ll do a good job, Mr. Roselli.”

Most of information on Johnny Roselli in the Patch Kincaid books is gleaned from two books: All-American Mafioso: The Johnny Roselli Story by Charles Rappleye and Handsome Johnny: The Life and Death of Johnny Rosselli: Gentleman Gangster, Hollywood Producer, CIA Assassin.

Make no mistake about it. Johnny Roselli climbed the organized crime ladder utilizing the marginal moral ethics associated with the Mafia operating system. Roselli is a more complex character. His patriotic bent, transformed into actual risky personal action against enemies of the United States is commendable. Overshadowing the fraud, theft, deception, and murder is Roselli’s charm and ability to leverage situations. Why would someone as powerful as Johnny Roselli waste his time with Patch Kincaid? Roselli values loyalty and Patch demonstrated in The Kennedy Paradox courage that resulted in saving the lives of Roselli and other Mafia kingpins. Roselli never forgot. He will reward Patch monetarily as well as trust him implicitly on an assignment. “ A word to the wise,” says Roselli. “Stay away from Phillips and Hunt and the intelligence boys.” Patch will be paid two thousand dollars and he’ll have a main contact.

A New Assignment

Patch and Shari after racing down the West Coast in obscurity now are raising drinking glasses in an exclusive gathering in a suite at Dodger Stadium. Patch, trying to circumvent his mysterious selective memory loss, is confused as to what Roselli is up to with his phone calls. Patch gets the full treatment of the Roselli charm. At some level given all of Roselli’s personal attributes and connections, Patch wants to please him.

Bill Harvey

Kennedy Assassination scholars may cringe when an unnamed rogue guzzles Double Martini after Double Martini and actually spins a loaded weapon like a compass needle on the table. The fearless Roselli simply takes away the 38-detective special. The rogue is obviously William King Harvey, the American James Bond. Harvey is not inserted in this scene for needless grandstanding. Harvey is known for the gun spinning and the excess drinking. Bill Harvey and Johnny Roselli by mid-1963 have become close friends. And most importantly as Return to Dallas progresses the Harvey-Roselli connection to the assassination becomes very interesting.

Santa Anita Park

Patch is to drive to the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas tomorrow and meet Lewis McWillie. McWillie’s character is kept within the description of his job as a pit boss as well as his function within the Mafia. First Patch needs to travel across the Southland to Santa Anita racetrack tonight to meet an associate Walter Piscotti or Walter the Knife. Walter the Knife is based on a very close compadre of Roselli. They are paying Patch all this money and he has no idea what he did for Roselli and his people in the past. Shari offers to bring Patch to Vegas because it’s on the way back to Spokane.

The affable Walter the Knife likes Patch and Shari. He unfurls twenty one hundred dollar bills into Patch’s hand, tells him to treat Shari right. Back in the parking lot Patch remarks that Walter the Knife talked as if they were married. “Only one problem, sweetness,” says Shari,“ I am married.”

Gunfire erupts

At the Inland Motel in San Bernardino Patch has the limo on the prairie nightmare again. This time with gunfire. Shari’s dried tears in the middle of the night are evident to Patch as he walks onto the balcony at 3 AM. She doesn’t want to tell him why she’s been crying. Patch hears the long saga of the musician Ricky Blaze and Shari-how she was used and hurt. Shari falls asleep in Patch’s arms.

Sunrise over LA

Day breaks over the greater Los Angeles area. Patch questions what he did for Roselli in the past and why was Moon chasing him? The whole thing and Roselli will all come together, says Shari, in Vegas.

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“You’re a Good American, Patch.”

Mt. Hood

Chapters 4 and 5… Return to Dallas.

Have you ever dropped a hint in conversation about something in your past? When Shari says she’s driven cars at 140 miles per hour Patch wonders who is this woman who has left Spokane to drive him to the Oregon border. She’s a schoolteacher but she’s also a little wild. And she’s hiked the prodigious igneous protrusion called Mt. Hood in the distance from the highway. Then she drops the bomb: ‘Ricky,’ the headline for some type of relationship that obviously left her alone and just a bit flightier and wilder. Wilder enough to transport this stranger south- a man who couldn’t remember his own name and who is being chased by a deranged nutcase named Dr. Alexander Moon.

Shari’s Impala

So, we move on… to the border of Oregon and Washington and as Patch and Shari wait for the mechanic to plug her flat tire, they witness a total eclipse of the sun from the top of the Astoria Column. Eclipses have always meant omens, mostly not good, and given what happened to President Kennedy at the end of 1963 this eclipse is particularly ominous. And what’s truly phenomenal is this total eclipse of the sun really did happen!

The Astoria Column

Patch, attracted to Shari, watches her in her capris pants as she walks toward the garage. More than the physical he likes her. She has his sense of adventure even though his own past memories remain muddied. With the tire plugged she informs Patch she, in less than 24 hours, can get him to Dodger Stadium to contact Johnny Roselli. No, they don’t hop into bed at a coastal motel. But for hours they talk at the bar. This woman who loves James Bond books gleefully enters the Los Angeles area next to Patch in her red Impala convertible via the Ventura Freeway. All the while chewing Juicy Fruit gum.

The Ventura Freeway

Anticipating Dr. Moon’s arrival tomorrow, Patch and Shari arrive a day early for the Pirates-Dodgers game. Patch’s memories of Roselli become clarified when they meet the charming strategist in the dugout after the game. Roselli hasn’t seen Patch for two years. He makes it clear that he and others are forever grateful for Patch saving his life. Both Shari and Patch are confounded by Patch’s relationship to Roselli. Roselli tells his associate to bring Patch and Shari to the exclusive suite in the upper stadium. He says he has to make a phone call and tags on Patch’s last name, Kincaid as he leaves to make the call. The he tells Patch. “You’re a good American Patch.” Shari swaggers over to Patch and smiles. “Patch Kincaid.”

Dodger Stadium 1963

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How Patch and Shari begin the Journey to the Kennedy Assassination

Lake Itasca, Minnesota: The beginning of the Mississippi River

When you think of the Mississippi River, I’ll bet you imagine the gargantuan water flow and steamboats traversing the wide stretches of water separating the riverbanks. Like anything with a beginning and an end the Mississippi begins rather inauspiciously in Lake Itasca, Minnesota.

President John F. Kennedy and Patch’s creepng anxiety

So why the geography lesson, Mr. Fitton? In chapters 2 and 3 of Return to Dallas, although the building of the relationship between Patch and Shari may move like a slight trickle over the rocks up at Lake Itasca,  I wanted the story to make sense. Shari is fascinated by Patch because of the mystery surrounding his arrival. While Patch understands he is in another time, he does not know how he got to Spokane. But we do get a hint of where this river is going. Patch is filled with great anxiety when President Kennedy is mentioned. The song Sukiyaki brings a tear to Shari’s eye as they cruise through Spokane on a July night. Somebody hurt her.

The Kennedys at St. Francis Xavier Church, Hyannis, MA

Patch is bothered a radio news report that details President Kennedy on Cape Cod. Something about Kennedy gives him a sense of foreboding. We also hear about the first artificial heart contrasting a technologically savvy future.

Current photo of the Benewah Milk Bottle

While having an ice cream at the Benewah Milk Bottle in Spokane, Patch’s past comes racing forward when Dr. Alexander Moon in an identical jumpsuit and armed with a Lugar, comes gunning for him. Shari’s wild driving allows them to hide from Moon. Shari and Patch part ways outside of town but Shari loops the Impala around and Patch spends the night on her couch. He has a vivid nightmare about a long dark limo under ominous clouds on the prairie-the most frightening and accurate indication Patch will end up in Dallas on November 22nd.

Patch’s nightmare

And Shari has a revelation during the night as she fights her attraction for Patch as well as trying to stay clear of the lunatic Dr. Moon, who is still on the run in eastern Washington. And Shari has a revelation during the night as she fights her attraction for Patch as well as trying to stay clear of the lunatic Dr. Moon, who is still on the run-in eastern Washington. She tells Patch she will drive him in her Impala to the Oregon border so Patch can get to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles per the folded note and meet with Johnny Roselli. Shari is truthful when she says that Patch’s predicament is the whackiest thing she’s ever heard of in her life.

As time goes on most people and then all people who think about the Kennedy Assassination will not have lived through the nationwide shock that began in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Additionally, as time elapses and things change, it’s very convenient and somewhat ignorant to inject today’s standards, social mores, and lifestyle into 1963. This past weekend we saw Rogers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. I was taken aback at myself when Billy Bigelow readily uses his fists on Julie. People sometimes let that fly years ago. Our high school play was Carousel and I don’t remember commenting on Bigelow’s brutality. Point being as you read Return to Dallas: The world was different then.

Postscript: Again, you can dig into Patch's ordeal before he arrived in Spokane by reading or listening to Transition.

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Let’s Talk about Return to Dallas Chapter One by Robert P. Fitton

Spokane 1963
The Kennedy Paradox

Having no memory of Patch’s former life puts the reader solidly in Patch’s point of view. This adds to the suspense and the mystery of what’s going on in chapter one. But don’t fret. If you’re nosey enough the short book Transition contains the original manuscript that bridges the gap between The Kennedy Paradox and Return to Dallas.

Johnny Roselli

Patch has a mission typed on a folded note to find mobster Johnny Roselli in Los Angeles. When he meets Shari at the Fox Movie Theater he discovers a young woman in flux-a woman in need of adventure, which makes a neat Segway to her journey with Patch rather than to have be married with ten kids. Plus, as a part of her flux she has discarded a hazardous relationship. She is more than eager, though she hides it somewhat, to run away
with Patch. She likes him

Patch in the Kennedy Paradox saved Roselli’s life as well as several well-known mafia figures but Patch cannot remember any of it. Yet his only grasp in this time period is the note, author unknown, to meet Roselli. Which brings in an air of mystery and danger. And it must have something to do with the Kennedy Assassination. Why is Patch in this time period?

Speaking of the time period. It’s very easy to get carried away with accouterments of the era. It’s as if you kept pouring maple syrup, then butter and maybe frosted sugar to make your breakfast a bit sweet. Period songs, cars, and movies need to be tempered, existing in the background-like breathing.

This sprinkling of 1963 must be realistic for sure. Patch might be surprised by the change in time period but Shari is a part of it. For Shari and the reader being a part of that time should be normal. But Patch senses more especially when the Roselli note and picture hasn’t even happened yet.

I’m not sure that living as I did in 1963 contributed to the atmosphere of the time but I have to think it did. In 1963 I turned twelve and liked to play baseball.

Third from the left, leader in home runs- Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.

Here’s Chapter One on Sound Cloud or the complete book on Audible.

Smart Mouth Wiley and the Ice of Triton

Smart Mouth Wiley and the Ice of Triton
Neptune from Triton

Triton is 56,958,438,584 miles from earth. Looks a little cold, eh? That’s because it is! It’s–235 degrees Celsius. But that’s outside not in the environment inside Station 32. This moon orbits in retrograde-kind of like Buck Wiley. I will only say that this guy and his snarky mouth is 99.99% based on a real guy I knew pretty damned well.


The Ice of Triton is another Harry Cobb, Intra Solar Investigator book but it’s different. Cobb operates out of Orbitus an artificial environment between Earth and Mars. His secretary is Saddie. Max and Jody one of which is an android work for him. His trusted second is Renee Coburn from down under-Australia that is. Cobb’s best friend is Inspector Jahn Patenaude from Mars. Cobb was a Bureau agent and now has his own private investigative service.

The Ice of Triton-Chapter One

Cobb, in his office on Orbitus, gets a frantic distress signal from his old friend Mark Belkin, Cobb has known Mark and his wife Jenna for decades. Broadcasting on a signal from Station 32 on Triton Mark pleads with Cobb to meet with him because Jenna’s career as a planetary food administrator is in jeopardy. He wants to meet on a Calisto based Cruiseliner, a vacation ship of sorts near Jupiter, to discuss the crisis. Mark ends the transmission by saying: “It may be too late.”

The Cruiseliner

After Commissar Nevis’s death Felix Alder and his cut throat deputy Phil Sevrenson take over the Intra Solar System. On the Cruiseliner Cobb meets a beautiful, golden haired woman named Angelique, a professional oracle player. What in the world is Harry Cobb doing with this woman when his friend is on the way with not so good news about his wife Jenna? A question Renee keeps asking Cobb. C’est la vie. Cobb spends time conversing with this enchanting woman until early the next morning. Then everything goes wrong.

Angelique waits for Cobb

Jenna Belkin dies in a tracer explosion and Cobb is abducted. Renee arrives, trying to figure out what’s going on the highest levels of government. Once freed Cobb contacts his old boss John O’Neil and other irregularities around Jenna’s death surface baffle him, including arch criminal Jacob Lovinski.

Buck Wiley Greets Cobb at Station 32 Dome on Triton

Bucky Wiley: Everyone’s smart ass

Buck Wiley on Station 32

The wise guy Inspector Wiley gives Cobb some phrase in Latin and a bunch of numbers that confuse everybody. Renee and Cobb move into the interior, the Buntas, as they gather information around Jenna’s Tracer exploding. Renee suggests a Pytoids, illegal, explosives. What was Jenna Belkin doing? The new information could lead right up the chain to Felix Alder and Phil Sevrenson, leaders of the Intra Solar System. When Cobb and Renee attempts to get cooperation from Wiley he smart mouths them again: “I’ll see what I can do.” It’s clear Wiley knows a lot more than he’s saying and is covering himself with tap dance answers.

The Buntas

Wiley’s Phases and more BS:

Wiley Translation- is one who is exceeding his territory jurisdiction and the other phrase is: great danger awaits. Like Renee says:” Why didn’t Wiley just say that?Renee and Cobb’s contact Calvin is missing. Cobb meets a powerful, sexy red headed bioregressive woman, who warns him about being nosey. Calvin finally shakes hands with Cobb in the lobby. The bioregressive is Norah Cerchenkov is wanted for murder. Calvin mentions the worst prison of the solar system is right on Triton.

Wiley Wise Ass Snippet

Calvin and Cobb find the body of Bernie Sorrel, a Lovinski contact, sprawled dead in the Buntas. His neck was snapped which was Norah Cerchencov’s trademark. Cobb confronts Cerchenkov and she tells him he will find all his answers in the Saurizen and he will wish that she had killed him.

The Saurizen Prison Station 32
Inside the Saurizen
Inhuman Conditions

Listen as Cobb is dumped into the worst prison in the solar system, the Saurizen . An old man at the entrance refers to the ‘Waters of Oblivion.’ And is soon Cobb facing the Nauravald, a massive slinking carnivore sent in to eat prisoners. Cobb must survive the Nauravald and somehow escape the Saurizen prison. Even if he gets out Alder is consolidating dictatorial powers. Where is Renee? And what of Angelique?

The Nauravald

The Idea of the Harry Cobb Series:

Cobb is in the future but the human condition remains intact. I will say as we leave Cobb in prison that there is some nifty science fiction coming up toward the end of the book-One involving sound etchings and another pertaining to the timeline. Jahn Patenaude, Cobb’s good friend joins the plot more than halfway through the book. We meet John O’Neil, Cobb’s old boss and his connections on Mars. Sevrenson and Alder vie to kill Cobb, O’Neil, and Patenaude so Alder can implement his plan to have total power. However, without getting out of the prison Cobb is finished. He has a plan but it’s a long shot and very dangerous. And what are the Waters of Oblivion?

Wiley: Short and Sweet

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

John Lennon (1940-1980)

Clearly Harry Cobb on many levels had other plans. Dear, dear Angelique.

Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion-an 1812 oil painting by John Martin


Post Script:

I wrote the Ice of Triton in the wee hours of the morning before work, after work and sometimes during lunch.

Fitton at the time of the Ice of Triton

OMG: Are you telling me I’m turning into someone else?

OMG: Are you telling me I’m turning into someone else?
Duke York looks a little different Idle Roomers 1944

As we get older, we sometimes acquire the habits or even the looks of our parents or those who have come before us. Sometimes we pick up bad habits from people and plot a self-correcting course away from the behavior. When I worked in California for a major paint manufacturer, I often was in the production area. There were large metal vats where the paint was mixed precisely to match specific vibrant and varied colors.

While one side of my brain absorbed the technical aspects of manufacturing paint there was also a bunch of impulses that designs stories in sometimes bizarre way to make a point. On one such day and I don’t know exactly when as titanium dioxide and surfactants were swirling about in the tank, I imagined an antagonist. It’s good to start with a fiend even more than protagonist. Herbert Fredericks. (I lived near Frederick Street in Moreno Valley, California.) So, what would I do with this creep Mr. Herbert Fredericks? We’ll make him a creep of course.

The blunt of Fredericks sadistic permutations is Mr. Nick Kluger, a guy who does his job in the plant. Kluger is steady, reliable and serious. And he doesn’t like the pompous Fredericks. Fredericks berates and taunts Kluger 24/7 taking some inner sicko satisfaction from Kluger’s distress. He does not pay Kluger for overtime and increases his workload beyond Kluger’s ability to execute. Of course Kluger even with his sixteen years at the plant could just walk. But he doesn’t. Kluger is so furious at Fredericks that the only relief for his emotions is to murder Fredericks.

Fitton- when he wrote In my Image

Okay, Fitton who did you copy or what influenced you? Sorry, but this story evidenced itself from my imagination. There were no people in mind when I constructed Fredericks’ sick personality. It was a matter of piecing together the antithesis of Nick Kluger. Fredericks is suave, sophisticated, and ruthless. He gains satisfaction by the suffering of others. Sure, I’ve known people with snippets of this personality but they weren’t models for this story. I liked my job and the people, the stores, and the company. This story advanced on its own with Fredericks driving the agenda and Kluger reacting.

FITTON’S LIST-Let’s take a look at ‘Bad Characters’ I like or should I say the ones I don’t like!

#10- Noah Cross- John Huston in Chinatown. No question Cross would do anything to get the water to L.A. and personally- we’ll leave it at that.

#9- Nurse Ratched: I’ll be short and sweet here. Ratched (spoken with a Jack Nicholson voice) A heartless and inhuman piece of sludge.

#8- Kahn: Ricardo Montalban: The Wrath of Khan -“A criminal… a product of late 20th century genetic engineering.”

#7- Lionel Barrymore (Mr. Potter) in it’s a wonderful life. Potter could easily taunt people as he did George Baily and let them go down by possessing the Coup de gras in the form of the Saving and Loan’s check. RAT.

#6- Jack Torrance: Jack Nicholson” Heeeeere’s Johnny! You know the rest.

#5- Ming the Mercilessintroduced in the original 1934 “Flash Gordon” comic strip ” and he’s merciless. What can I say?

#4-Fredie Kruger-Nightmare on Elm Street

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 | Ralph Fiennes Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part…

#3- VoldemortRalph FiennesHarry Potter

Evil personified

#2- Darth Vader-Star Wars

#1-The Emperor Star Wars-Palpatine-

As I write this the emperor stars wars music started playing on the news channel. Weird. Very Weird. I rest my case. The emperor is the worst. He is in total control.

Back to Our Story:

Fredericks has a personal evil but evil nevertheless. He like the above creeps targets his victims at their weakest points and does whatever he has to do to accomplish his ghoulish end. It’s almost as if Fredricks is like a vampire demanding blood. He wants Kluger to kill him. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it was in the job description. But given what happens when Kluger becomes Fredericks- maybe it’s required!


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