Pilatus and the Massive Information Dump

Chapters 34-35-36

Utilizing a Wendy’s hamburger ad of the period Vice President Walter Mondale during a Presidential debate asked Senator Gary Hart: ‘Where’s the beef?

“Where’s the Beef?”

.Chapters 34-35-36 bring a plethora of beef and JFK assassination abnormalities. There are hundreds of conspiracies in the Kennedy assassination but believe me when I tell you: There are no coincidences. Chapter thirty-six should be ready more than once and the names sourced are all persons of interest.

Tommy Beckham

Specifically in Chapter thirty-six there is an interconnecting group of people on the edge  and sometimes within the assassination plot. Questions abound. Why is Tommy Beckham, gopher for the Marcello organization traveling with the storm drain plans to Dealey Plaza-exactly where Kennedy will be gunned down?

Visitors to the Marquette Building 17th floor.

Wray Gill
Carlos Marcello
David Ferrie
Jim Brayden

In Marcello’s personal attorney Wray Gill’s office Patch encounters Dave Ferrie again along with a Mafia associate Jim Brayden. In the fall of 1963 Jack Ruby calls New Orleans many times before the assassination. Oswald leaving New Orleans for Dalles at the end of the month seems to be part of a plan. The timing is no coincidence.

September 17th  Oswald and another man enter the Mexican Consulate. The other man John C. Gaudete is sponsored by the intelligence community. That’s right, the intelligence community. Everyone in the exile community is talking about Castro Assassination plans but what if those plans are turned back on the United States government. Please keep that in mind. U.S. government assassins turned against the President of the United States.

Pilatus unloads information and bails out.

The El Paso Travel Lodge

Welcome to the West Texas town of El Paso. The real Nagell stayed at the Travel Lodge in El Paso, the setting for Pilatus to carpet bomb Patch with both ancillary and direct information concerning the plot against the president and the background of  dozens of people. The real Nagell went about his business in El Paso and was subsequently arrested.

Here is a laundry list of the Pilatus information dump. This is ninety days away from Kennedy’s death in Dealey Plaza.

Info Dump and Oswald’s Nebulous Past:

The 1959 Chevy from North Carolina is from Naval Intelligence because Oswald has been with Naval Intelligence for a while and one of his calls after being arrest is a roundabout phone call from Dallas Police Headquarters to the loop that includes Naval Intelligence.

The station wagon and the men were factiously sent by Lieutenant Colonel Grover King of the 902nd Military Group of Army Intelligence. Although his is fiction it reminds everyone of the presence of Army Intelligence  in the events leading up to Dallas and incidents in and around Dealey Plaza on the 22nd of November.

Pilatus tells Patch directly that he met with Oswald last year in Mexico City. Pilatus is playing both sides

He wants Patch to travel to Mexico City.

Pilatus has known Oswald since the fifties. Lee Oswald frequented the Queen Bee, an intelligence hangout in  Atsugi, Japan according to Pilatus, when he and Oswald were in the service.

Patch is Pilatus’s insurance policy because of the information dump.

– They want to portray Oswald with psychological problems. This boy is messed up.

Lee HARVEY Oswald at the Bronx Zoo

Dr. Renatus Hartogs, who observed Oswald as a youth, was government all the way. He was at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute, where Dr. Ewen Cameron had his excesses. Cameron received funding from the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA to conduct drug experiments on unsuspecting patients involving LSD and mescaline.

What is Oswald Doing?

-Oswald’s favorite program growing  up was ‘I Led Three Lives,’ A spy program. growing  up was ‘I Led Three Lives,’ A spy program.

-Pilatus has a Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. (This information opens a Pandora’s intelliegnce box)

Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card for Lee Oswald

Tommy Beckham’s handler is Fred Crisman who was linked to intel. Pilatus has a Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. (This information opens a Pandora’s intelligence box) Oswald works for Naval Intelligence, ONI and Guy Banister was with ONI in World War II.

More intelligence operations-The Fair Play for Cuba Committee pamphlets and Oswald on the radio was a Dave Phillips project. Army Intelligence has operatives like Oswald all over the country to make the FPCC look bad. Then they will hand all the information to the House Un-American Activities Committee. The CIA knows all about the Oswald facade. And it was James McCord, later a Watergate burglar, who launched a counter-intelligence program against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

James McCord  launched a counter-intelligence program against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Jame McCord CIA

William C. Sullivan, FBI Domestic Intelligence Division, and others have set up this operation against the FPCC. Hoover’s righthand man Cartha DeLoach supervises it all. The overall FBI disruption program is called COINTELPRO

Sergio Arcacha Smith

Arcacha Smith and Q, along with Ferrie, have convinced Oswald to get sucked into this playing both sides. The radio guy Butler is an intel asset, too. Oswald reported everything to the FBI agents in New Orleans. He meets Agent de Brueys at the Customs House off Canal Street. Oswald is playing too many games with too many people.

SAC de Brueys

Pilatus and Oswald:

Pilatus was supposed to get five hundred dollars to Oswald but it will be mailed to his contact in Mexico City. Oswald just wrote to the Socialist Party of America, saying he and his family are moving to Washington in October. SAC de Brueys said how passive Oswald was when he was arrested in New Orleans. Oswald setup the whole incident.

Most importantly Pilatus claims to have a tape recording of a conversation between Lee Oswald and himself as well as a photograph of Oswald with him in Jackson Square in New Orleans. CIA agent Gary Aberdine is bringing it all together. And Oswald is still informing to the FBI on them. The FBI knows everything.

Howard Hunt

And Howard Hunt, another Watergate burgler, controls the CRC.

The Paines are not an average couple.

Ruth and Micheal Paine

Oswald and his wife Marina have more handlers-Ruth and Michael Paine Mrs. Paine’s husband’s stepfather invented the Bell Helicopter. He controls a big Texas industrial and military supplier. Ruth Paine’s father is a collateral intelligence contact. He worked for the OSS on World War II. Ruth Paine’s sister is a psychologist for the CIA and her husband an asset. Mrs. Paine is supposedly a Quaker. Her family is tied into the Forbes family with a circle of friends that includes Allen Dulles. Mrs. Paine’s garage in Irving has filing cabinets full of letters, maps, records, and index cards on pro Castro sympathizers.  

The exiles want Castro dead. Kennedy has sent out peace feelers to Castro and the military and intelligence agencies are furious. Eladio del Valle acquired transceivers and rifles. He’s done business with Trafficante ever since he was in Cuba. Someone is calling Mexico City from a New Orleans motel saying they are Oswald. Pilatus explicitly tried to warn Oswald he was being used by forces he could not begin to understand. But he just seemed unconcerned.

Ferrie calling Chicago. Wanted to talk to a Jean Warren.   Chicago WH4-4970. She is friends with Lincoln Miot who knows Jack Ruby.

Oswald is Government:

There were many more indications that Oswald was government. Oswald worked at the company in Dallas who did the map overlays for the U2 flights over Cuba. The owner of the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans where Oswald worked for is a CIA asset. That man, Riley, funds Arcacha Smith and the exiles! The vice president of Reilly Coffee is a former FBI agent. And Howard Hunt controls the whole CRC! 

The CIA sent Oswald to Russia along with a dozen other guys. Oswald defected and had secrets about the U2 and threatened to give them to the KGB. Oswald held in Minsk for weeks and then six months later the U2 is shot down. A tourist card has been issued for Lee Oswald in New Orleans.”

Oswald went into the Mexican Consulate and get the tourist card. The man in front of Oswald, Gaudet, is a CIA operative. Last June, Oswald was given an instant passport when his background demanded legally that he never get a passport.

Lee Oswald in Russia

Oswald almost blew it on the radio with Stuckey. He said while in Russia, he was under the protection of the American government and then quickly changed it to he was not under the protection.-Oswald just waltzed back into the country with a Russian wife.  And they illegally give him a passport.

Vice president’s Johnson’s man, Baker, is about to blow the whistle on LBJ. 


-CIA Deputy Director for Plans. Bissell’s idea was to use the mob to kill Castro.”

Richard Bissell

Pilatus Pressures Patch to go the Mexico City:

Pilatus tells Patch a form FM8 has been issued at the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans under his name. They notes they must have thought he was a smart guy to surveil Oswald. He thinks Patch is you’re working with Escalante and Castro. I don’t care. Pilatus is dumping his  information to you and bowing out.”

 Pilatus wants Patch, on Thursday September 26th to meet Continental Trailways bus 5133  coming from Houston and leave Laredo for Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. If Oswald is not on that bus, then someone is doing the double shuffle. May involve Army Intelligence. Patch to get a detailed check on the people on the bus and the manifests in Mexico from Nuevo Laredo to Monterey. See if this individual is really on the bus. You know exactly what he looks like.”

Someone at a very high level has set something in motion here. Inserted in to LIENVOY. It’s a communications intelligence game. And everybody in Mexico City will try and ferret out the mole responsible. -Before Patch leaves Laredo for Mexico City he will send in a sealed envelope a yes or no, whether Oswald is on the Mexico bus. Send to 3751 6th Street, Los Angeles, California. (Nagell’s mother’s address) -Find out if he gets to Mexico City, find out if Oswald arrived there by some other means. Car, plane, train, et cetera. Get proof when the time comes that he was or was not in Mexico City.”

Annne Goodpasture

In Mexico City is the important operative Anne Goodpasture. A.K.A. R.B. Riggs. She’s circumventing Win Scott, the station chief in Mexico City. Because she works for Staff D part of ZR/RIFLE, the assassination division.

Patch must check the Russian and Cuban embassies. Check the bus line. Even the manifest if he can see it. Pilatus says he will bet his next year’s salary that Oswald will never show up in Mexico.

Pilatus gives AMSHALE1’s army intelligence number, from the 902nd military group. Code Number DUP748.”

Pilatus says Patch has no idea what’s happening. The entire infrastructure has been long in place. It’s just a matter of managing it. Hoover will get it. Richard Helms and Phillips will know soon enough. And Hunt sure will make up something. Allen Dulles is gone, but he probably knows. They all know about Oswald’s dubious identity from way back. Even Bobby Kennedy knows about Oswald.” 

A footlocker that will give Patch background on Oswald-Information that will put in perspective this whole operation. The tapes and photo from Jackson Square is there also. And documents and recordings from high up.

NOTE- (This fictitious footlocker is another device to bring forth information in the book)

Patch will later go to the Dobbs House Family Restaurant for the key. He will go to the restaurant in north Oak Cliff at 1221 North Beckley order pancakes and ask for Cindy. Patch will  tell her: Joseph Kramer sent me. She’ll get him the footlocker number, key and address.  

Pilatus’s Intel operatives want a record of Oswald or a fake Oswald trying to get to Russia via Cuba via Mexico City. Pilatus’s operatives need to get the whole picture about what’s going on. It’s very important.

Pilatus to eject himself from the operation:

Tells Patch to be at a discreet distance from the Texas State Bank late that afternoon, and ‘you’ll see what it’s all about.’ Even though it’s going to be hot as hell here today Patch and Shari should just pretend they are shopping.

Pilatus’s orders from the Soviets are to kill the illustrious double-triple agent Oswald with his .45.  He won’t follow those orders. He’s dropping out. He hopes Patch doesn’t get killed. As for Pilatus he’d rather be arrested than commit murder and treason. Pilatus glances in a variety of directions before he returns to his two toned Fairlane.

 JFK at the UN Overturns the military and the Pentagon     

President Kennedy September 20, 1963

 “And, for the first time in 17 years of effort, a specific step has been taken to limit the nuclear arms race.  I refer, of course, to the treaty to ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water—concluded by the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States—and already signed by nearly 100  countries. It has been hailed by people the world over who are thankful to be free from the fears of nuclear fallout, and I am confident that on next Tuesday at 10:30 o’clock in the morning, it will receive the overwhelming endorsement of the Senate of the United States.”

Pilatus takes himself out of action

Pilatus enters the Texas State Bank and soon fires a shot. He walks outside to his Fairlane in the alley. A cop appears and raises his gun as he rushes the Fairlane. Pilatus lifts up his hands and spoke clearly, “I guess you got me. I surrender. He’s gotten himself arrested,” said Patch. “And we don’t need to be in the middle of this.”

Richard Cain and the escape to Tampa

Richard Cain
John Roselli
Frank Ragano

One fact is clear when Patch and Shari walk into the Chicago restaurant: Richard Cain does not like Patch. Throough his mother Cain had become welded to the Giancana orgainization is Chicago. He is an ultra serious man who does not have time for frivious conversation or double crossers. It is only because of Johnny Roselli’s word, trickled down to Cain that he agrees to see Patch and Shari at all. Even mob attorney Frank Rigano voiuches for Patch, but Cain just does not take kinbdly to Patch. He leaves the table to call Roselli directly.

Dining is a very serious business

Patch is asking about Thomas Arthur Valle. And Cain erupts and wants to know if Patch know the secret Service agent Abraham Bolden. Patch realizes they have made a huge mistake in coming to the restaurant. Cain goes wild when Patch asks about Lee Oswald. He orders Patch to be brought ‘upstairs‘ by a guy name Switch. More mob goons show up and Patch is smacked around. They want to know if Patch knows about an operation in Mexico City. Cain did electronic worsk in Mexico City years back. Somebody has given Cain information and he does not seem to concern that Patch has been beat up.

1962 Ford Falcon License plate 311 ORF

A 1962 Ford Falcon driven by Valle, License plate 311 ORF is registered in New York to Lee Oswald. Cain tells them that Oswald was in Chicago last April with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Significantly Patch learns that Valle is being funded by Tony Varona and his Anti-Castro Cuban buddies.

Cain just leaves. No apology. No explanation. Nothing. The manager of the restaurant latter appears with airline tickets to Tampa. As they leave, Patch doesn’t know it, but they have just avoided being arrested by the FBI.

R.D. Mathews
(RD Moynihan)

Santuary in Tampa

R.D. Mathews lived until age 92 and oddly died as I finished writing the Moynihan portion of Patch’s journey. Mathews was large framed mob tough guy in real life who was mourned by his family when he died. Moynihan provides a venue to protect Patch from the intelligence agencies and the contradiction of the respected tough guy liking Patch is similair to Brayden’s thoughts aboout Patch. Word has seeped into the common’ chit chat’ of Patch saving the lives of the mob bosees in 1961. ( The Kennedy Paradox.)

John Martino

John Martino was an electronics expert fot Santo Trafficante. He spent time in jail with Mr. Trafficante after the Castro revolution. Martino in Return to Dallas relays critical information about Bill Harvey and the Kennedys. We hear how Bobby Kennedy humiliated Sam Giancna in front a Congressional committee. Martino’s character also sings the priases of Johnny Roselli. He tells Patch to lay low. And he clearly show how he loaths JFK. Martino says as he did in real life: ‘He’s going to be hit.Cash is changing hands.

The legenday Bill Harvey

Shari says that Roselli is ‘the hub of the wheel.

Bobby Kennedy tries to rattle Sam Giancana.

Bedico Creek: Lights, Action, Camera…

Chapters 29 and 30

Anti-Castro Training Camp
Lee Oswald
David Ferrie
David Atle Phillips
Tracy Barnes
Guy Bannister

Robert Tanenbaum an investigator for the HSCA saw it. Colonel William Bishop told Dick Russell he saw it. This is a film showing troops with mortars and machine guns. Soldiers leaped out of bulky military trucks. But the real prize was footage of David Atlee Phillips in street clothes, carrying a .45mm handgun. Tracy Barnes of the CIA was at the camp. So was Guy Bannister, Oswald in military fatigues. And David Ferrie. The mentioned ordering Italian Mannlicher-Carcano 7.65 rifles and Motorola transmitters. Later Patch remembers the name of the big guy, Hemming.

This is also detailed in a book by Robert Morrow and the implications are astounding.

Patch is paid $10,000 to film under fire the Bedico Creek Training camp

Back in the hotel Pilatus knocks on the door. “It’s urgent!” Pilatus is saying Patch and Shari need to jettison their contacts. They need to disappear. “Oswald doesn’t get it…. And they think they can supersede the Constitution.” Pilatus leaves and Patch grabs his .38. The reason Nagell is warning Patch is to stress Nagell knowledge of the plot and the dnager that exists before what has been called ‘the Big Event.’

At the PO box the next morning a message is received in the manilla envelope. They are to fly to Chicago tomorrow morning. Once in Chicago they will check for weapons in the apartment of a man named Thomas Arthur Valle, who happened to be the Japan at the same time as Lee Oswald. They are to contact Richard Caine and determine what he knows about Oswald and Valle.

The JFK Assasin Plot in Chicago
Abraham Bolden

BlackOp Radio: The Chicago Plot

At the PO box the next morning a message is received in the manilla envelope. They are to fly to Chicago tomorrow morning. Once in Chicago they will check for weapons in the apartment of a man named Thomas Arthur Valle, who happened to be the Japan at the same time as Lee Oswald. They are to contact Richard Caine and determine what he knows about Oswald and Valle.

Chicago 1963

Thomas Arthur Valle


“Yes, and of course the first intended scapegoat was Thomas Arthur Valle in relation to the plot in Chicago. And Valle escapes that, thanks to Oswald himself, as well as some whistleblowers in Chicago, especially Abraham Bolden within the Secret Service. But had the plot worked in Chicago, we probably would have never heard of Lee Harvey Oswald.”

                                                                  -James Douglas on Black Op Radio, Jan 8th, 2009

Patch first goes to Valle’s apartment where he find a cache of weapons and he learns that Cubans are up somehow in Chicago, too and living with Valle. The Cubans arrive and Patch leaves quickly. He next meets the volatile Valle at TTP Lithsplat, located near a turn in the road. Just as Desley Plaza in Dallas.

The Patsy

Meanwhile, two other agents had been following up a highly suspicious yet bum lead. The man’s name was Thomas Arthur Vallee, a 30-year-old ex-Marine classified extreme paranoid schizophrenic by military doctors. Vallee worked as an apprentice at IPP Litho-plate at 625 West Jackson. As the patsy, he was perfect—as perfect for the Chicago assassination plot as Lee Harvey Oswald was for the Dallas assassination plot. Vallee was born and raised in Chicago. Like Oswald, he joined the Marines in the mid-50s during the Korean War period. Like Oswald Vallee was assigned to a U-2 base in Japan; Oswald at Atsugi, Vallee at Camp Otsu. The cover reference for the U-2 project at these bases was Joint Technical Advisory Group (JTAG). Since the CIA exerted a strong presence at these two bases, they were prime recruitment stations. Both Vallee and Oswald appear to have been recruited by the CIA for “black missions” or otherwise unsavory, personally discrediting assignments. In Oswald’s case, at the height of the Cold War, he was instructed and helped to defect to Russia. With him he carried top secret radar codes. Oswald’s mission, probably unbeknownst to him, may have been to reveal this disinformation for some complex CIA intelligence stratagem. Warren commission testimony documents that all these radar codes had to be revised because of all the Oswald’s defection. Vallee was recruited about the same time to train members of a fiercely anti-Castro guerrilla group. Objective: the assassination of Fidel Castro. Training locale: in and around Levittown, Long Island.

The Chicago Independent November 1975

President Kennedy

The Chicago Plot was one of three-maybe four plots against President Kennedy in 1963

Guns, Films, and Antonio Veciana

Dallas, Texas
Two Mourning Doves Flocking

Did you ever notice that birds of a feather flock together? Jack Ruby, the hapless night club owner who wanted to spare Jaqueline Kennedy the heartache of a trial in Dallas, had an alter ego that most people would find interesting. Jack Ruby was a gunrunner. In earlier chapters Ruby’s Oldsmobile trunk was filled with armaments and ordinance. During the 1950’s Jack was and in and out of Cuba at the behest of organized crime, transporting weapons to the Caribbean Island. He knew and worked with Robert McKeown was in turn friends with Castro- as seen with his friend McKeown on a visit to the United States.

Robert Mckewon and his wife Ethel
Bayview Texas
Castro and McKewon

Now that everyone has the picture in their mind Lee Oswald and another man named Hernandez enter upon the scene at McKeown’s home near Galveston. So what is Lee Oswald doing knocking on McKeown’s front door?

The Cabana Motel
Dallas Texas

Here is what happened according to McKeown’s HSCA testimony as placed in a narrative in Return to Dallas.

A dark-haired man opened the front door. “My name is Lee Oswald. I fi-nally found you. You are McKeown, are you not?”


“Another phony setup,” whispered Patch.

Patch twisted the audio gain higher. The tape recorder reels spun around as Oswald spoke.

“Well, I have looked for you quite a while, but I am sure that you are McKeown. I understand that you can supply any amount of arms.”

“Who told you that?”

“Guns?” asked Patch. “He’s asking about guns.”

“I’m pretty sure that you can do it,” said Oswald. “We are thinking about having a revolution in El Salvador.”

“El Salvador?”

“Yes. It’s such a small country that it would be easy to do.”

The man’s voice became strained. “I want to tell you right now here that I am on probation and I said I am not about to get mixed up in no damned arms of any kind, not anymore. I am in enough trouble as it is. I won’t give you nothin’.”

Patch adjusted the amp as Oswald continued. “You could make all this money, Mr. McKeown.”

“I said I’m not interested in money,” he said, raising his voice. “I am married now. I am working. I am trying to do right, and I do not want to get mixed up in anything like this. So that’s that. Have a good day.”

“But, Mr. McKeown . . .”

“My wife doesn’t know any of this. She does not know that I was mixed up in all this mess. So goodbye.”

“This is Mr. Hernández.”

“Glad to know you,” said Hernández clearly with a slight accent. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“That’s all in the past. Goodbye.”

Oswald and Hernández headed back to the car, but Patch could still hear McKeown and his friend after he closed the door. “Sam, ain’t that a hell of a mess?”

“Mac, don’t mess with them.

“I ain’t gonna mess with them.”

            Shari hit his arm, and Patch looked up. “Patch, Oswald is going back to the house.”

            Patch kept the tape running as Oswald knocked again. McKeown stepped outside this time.

“Mac, would you do me a favor? And it will not involve you in any way. I can give you $10,000 if you can get me four rifles. I have the money right in my pocket.”

“Look, pal. I said no.”

“I would prefer the 300 Savage automatics with a telescope sight.”

Patch turned toward her. “He wants automatic rifles!”

McKeown thought for a second.

“What do you want with four rifles? You can’t do nothing with a revolution with four rifles.”

“If you get them for me, I would sure appreciate it. I will give you $10,000 if you can get those four rifles.”

Again, McKeown paused and looked skyward before he spoke again.

“No way. Just like I told you, I am not getting involved in no kind of arms. Hell, if you want rifles, you can go down to Sears Roebuck and buy them. You can get rifles in any hardware store. Why do you have to come to me to get them?”

            Oswald looked him in the eye. “You are being very uncooperative and rude.”

“There is no reason for you and me talking anymore. I am not going to fool with any arms whatsoever, none whatsoever.”

McKeown  retreated into the house, and Oswald and Hernández re-turned to the car. Patch shut off the recorder, and he and Shari looked at each other.

  “McKeown wants nothing to do with getting rifles for Oswald. He says you can buy them at Sears.”

“I agree with McKeown,” said Shari. “You can buy those guns anywhere.”

Oswald clearly was sent, by who we don’t know. And everyone following Return to Dallas blogs know Oswald was being set-up. Can you imagine if McKeown friend of Castro had procured a rifle for Oswald and what if that rife was placed in the School Book Depository. Does the word patsy mean anything at this point?

Patch tells a Mr. Jim Pearl, that he and Shari want out of the operation. He mentioned there is a possibility that Oswald will meet with David Atlee Phillips. They are to proceed to the Southland Building.

At the Cabana Motor Inn:

Ten Grand! That’s right ten thousand dollars in the Dallas PO Box. In 1963 dollars. Do you think the next operation is rather dangerous? Watch out for Harry Holmes, says Jim Pearl he is a FBI informant.

Dallas Postmaster Harry Holmes
David Atlee Phillips
Antonio Vecicana

To beor not to bethat is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep, No more; and by a sleep to say we end. The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks. That flesh is heir to: ’tis a consummation.Hamlet

The former Southland Center

Alpha-66 leader Antonio Veciana made an incendiary statement- two months JFK’s death Veciana was with Oswald and a handler: Maurice Bishop who was  according to Veciana in a later admission, CIA officer David Atlee Phillips

Dr. John Newman’s unraveling the Veciana yarn.

Veciana’s accounts have radically changed over the four decades leading up to the appearance of his 2017 book Trained to Kill. His first account on 2 March 1976 was given to Gaeton Fonzi, an investigator then working for Senator Schweiker of the Select Committee on Intelligence Activities (SSCIA). That interview occurred while he was incarcerated for cocaine trafficking, an offense for which he still claims he was innocent. Three months after his parole, Veciana was interviewed by journalist Dick Russell. Veciana gave his third account in a 25-26 March 1978 deposition to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). The fourth phase of his story took place during the numerous lengthy sessions he had with Gaeton Fonzi during the fifteen years between the HSCA’s final report (2 January 1979) and the 1993 appearance of Fonzi’s book, The Last Investigation.’

KILL THE MESSENGER: Antonio Veciana, Mystery Man in JFK Assassination (Part 1) – By John Newman

Oh no, Veciana was lying I had to rewrite the chapter

Having the Southland chapter stand with Oswald and Phillips was not going to be accurate. Patch and Shari are surveiling the Southland Building but Oswald has been zapped from the chapter. Other nefarious creatures, who are a part of the plot, are brought into the works.

At the PO Box:

Oswald walks into the post office when Patch is at his PO Box. He gives Patch a disgruntled look as he passes. To get the ten grand they need to shoot movie film in some kind of operation..

A disgruntled Lee Oswald spots Patch

Chapters 26, 27 and 28 on Sound Cloud and complete book at Audible.com

Let’s Make Oswald a Mental Patient (CIA frame-up)

Chapters 23-24

In this summary and perspective, we will see the results of the great investigative work of Jim Garrison’s team. All this information was available publicly since the mid-sixties. Let’s look at this narrative in Return to Dallas with Occam’s Razor.

Occam’s razor: the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary.

Patch and Shari drive the Impala north up Highway 61  for a hundred and sixteen miles. They have instructions to follow Oswald to the parishes of Clinton and Jackson. Patch uses the word Afro-American when Shari talks about Dr. King’s upcoming rally at the Lincoln Memorial. He agrees that King has turned the world upside down and that he is walking a fine line with his public postures. They talk about how JFK and Bobby are challenging the existing order by their civil right policies…

Oswald gets an important haircut:

Edwin Lee McGeehee

Lee Oswald wants to get a job at the East Louisiana State Hospital.


What is the Occam’s Razor aspect of this statement from Oswald to Barber McGeehee? Why are Oswald, Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie a hundred and sixteen miles north of New Orleans? Remember this is the guy, Oswald who is pretending to be a communist to wreak havoc on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee courtesy of the US intelligence agencies. And Oswald is with Clay Shaw( no small potatoes) of Permindex and the CIA. Ferrie flew planes and did all sorts of nifty things for the agency. And little ole Lee was connected to everybody and smart enough to have participated in the false defector program in the Soviet Union.

Here’s the ugly secret: Once Oswald had employment with the East Louisiana Hospital records could easily be manipulated to ‘Patient Status.”

Can you imagine on the afternoon of November 22, 1963, with the president dead and Officer Tippit murdered the arrested suspect Lee Harvey Oswald was a patient at the Louisiana State Hospital?

The trip up north is less than 90 days from the Dealey Plaza assassination. McGeehee tells Oswald to visit Reeves Morgan the state rep to help him get a job at the hospital. Oswald later was spotted in back of Clay Shaw’s black Cadillac. Morgan informs Oswald that to get eh hospital job it would be advantageous for him to be a voter. So, they head to the voter registration line back in town where Oswald, is standing in line with black people, flashes his Naval ID card.

Lee H. Oswald US Navy ID card.


SCIAMBRA. Were there many white people in line?

PALMER. No others that I remember of, these were the only two that were conspicuous. . . . Very close together.

SCIAMBRA. When you say “very close together,” do you mean space wise or acquainted together?

PALMER. There was two or three people between them.

SCIAMBRA. So, in other words, you had no idea —

PALMER. No idea.

SCIAMBRA. — whether they were with each other?

PALMER. That is right.

Palmer said he also noticed an unfamiliar black Cadillac parked near his office, with two men inside.

SCIAMBRA. Can you describe the individual on the passenger side?

PALMER. Well, the man on the passenger side, all I can tell you about him, he appeared — his eyebrows were heavy and his hair needed combing. He had messed-up hair, I noticed that. That is all I could see of him.

SCIAMBRA. . . . (Exhibiting photograph to witness) I show you what the State has marked “S-3” for purposes of identification, and I ask you if you recognize the individual in this picture?

PALMER. I can’t recognize the individual, but the hair and the eyebrows are similar.

SCIAMBRA. . . . Do you know who this person is?

PALMER. From the picture I know, now.

SCIAMBRA. Who is it?

PALMER. That is Mr. Ferrie.

This is as close as Palmer came to placing David Ferrie in Clinton. He was more certain about the defendant, Clay Shaw.

SCIAMBRA. Can you describe the man who was behind the wheel of the automobile?

PALMER. . . . He appeared to be a tall man, he had broad shoulders and quite gray hair, and . . . kind of ruddy complexion.

SCIAMBRA. Now do you see anyone in this courtroom today who fits the same general description of the man that you saw in the automobile in Clinton?

PALMER. I would say that man right there [indicating Shaw] has the same kind of hair . . .

Palmer noticed the two white men were still in line when he went for lunch at 1 PM, and the two men in the Cadillac were still parked there. It was after Palmer’s 3:30 PM coffee break that the white men reached the front of the line.

PALMER. Soon after I got back, the first white man came in the office. I asked him for his identification, and he gave me a driver’s license from Livingston Parish. His name was Estes [sic] Morgan, and he didn’t have enough identification to register because he couldn’t prove that he was in the Parish long enough so I sent him out.

SCIAMBRA. When did the next white boy come in?

PALMER. Probably one or two others came between him, and then he came. I asked him for his identification, and he pulled out a US Navy ID card.

SCIAMBRA. (Exhibiting photograph to witness) Now I show you a picture that the State has marked “S-1” for purposes of identification, and I ask you if you recognize the individual in this picture?

PALMER. Yes, sir, I do.

SCIAMBRA. Is this the individual who came into your office that day?

PALMER. It is.

SCIAMBRA. Do you know who is the individual in that picture?

PALMER. Lee H. Oswald. . . . He . . . wanted a job at the hospital in Jackson. . . . He couldn’t give me any proof that he was living in the Parish long enough [to register, i.e., six months], but I told him he did not have to be a registered voter to get a job at the Jackson Hospital. He thanked me and left.)

The third Clinton witness- Corrie Collins-outside the Registrar of Voter’s office

Assistant DA Andrew Sciambra questioned Collins about the men in the car.

SCIAMBRA. Can you describe the man behind the wheel?

COLLINS. Yes, heavy built, gray hair. I would say he was between 40 and 50, somewhere in that area, and he had on a light color hat.

SCIAMBRA. Do you see the man behind the wheel in this courtroom today?

COLLINS. Yes. . . . [Indicating Shaw.] Right here.

SCIAMBRA. Did you get a chance to see the person on the passenger side of the car?

COLLINS. Yes. . . . I would say he was medium built, but the most outstanding thing about him was his eyebrows and his hair. They didn’t seem real, in other words, they were unnatural, didn’t seem as if they were real hair.

Collins identified this man as David Ferrie. He was the only one of the four to positively identify all three men.

Last came William E. Dunn, Sr., a CORE volunteer. He remembered the shiny black Cadillac at the voter registration drive.

DUNN. I knows one man was setting behind the wheel, and maybe another one but I am not sure.

SCIAMBRA. In the front seat maybe another one?

DUNN. On the front seat.

SCIAMBRA. But you are not sure about the other one?

DUNN. I am not sure about the other one.

SCIAMBRA. . . . Can you describe the man behind the wheel?

DUNN. I can. He was — big shoulders, big man, and gray hair.

SCIAMBRA. Do you see that man in this courtroom today?

DUNN. I do.

SCIAMBRA. Would you point him out, please?

DUNN. [Indicating Shaw.] Right here.

Dunn identified a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald as one of several white men he saw in line waiting to register.

East Louisiana State Hospital

Oswald enters East Louisiana State Hospital. Once near the personnel office Oswald shouted he knew how to use guns. He said he was Involved in getting rid of Castro using skills he acquired as a Marine. Did Lee Oswald have any idea he was being set up as the patsy for Kennedy’s murder? Not likely. Then what’s the deal? Clearly getting him employed or trying to be employed is a fact. And it’s also in his instructions to give a bad impression at the hospital or maybe a good impression for an anti-Castro person.

Dr. Silva
(born in Cuba)
Director of the East Louisiana State Hospital at Jackson.
Photo credit: Joan Mellen

Dr. Frank Silva and Dr. Robert G. Heat- ‘Administration of Taraxein in Humans- May 1959 in the medical journal, Diseases of the Nervous System. Also, Effects of the Administration of Taraxein, d-LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin to Human Volunteers- 1960 in the journal, Comprehensive Psychiatry.  Was Oswald trying to penetrate the plot against Kennedy or something to do with human volunteers.

The Lafayette Postal Annex

Patch sends Newton inside the Post office to retrieve the contents  of the PO box. Just the night before he had dreamt about towering clouds and a long blue car. Guy Bannister is inserted in this fictitious scene for the reader to get the full thrust of his violent personality and to demonstrate his involvement in the JFK plot. Guy Bannister storms from the side. He’s been drinking and pushes Patch. He is livid that Patch has broken protocol and used Newton to retrieve the manilla envelope. Bannister squeezes the key back in Patch’s hand so hard it almost breaks Patch’s fingers. That’s Guy being Guy.

Bannister and Bill Harvey and two Cubans. Obvious Harvey is a big deal and spent most of his time in Rome during the fall of 1963. It is known that Harvey took a trip to Dallas just before the assassination to ‘check things out.’ Harvey’s presence in this scene of a friendly reminder of his complicity in the plot and his operational management.

The Manila envelope contains another two thousand dollars. Patch and Shari are to meet a Mr. Jim Pearl at Cabana Motor Inn in Dallas. Then they will proceed south to Galveston to surveil Oswald and Robert McKeown.

In Alba’s garage to check the tires, Oswald’s Fair Play pamphlet is spotted. They learn that Lee was in the garage all the time when he worked at the Reilly Coffee Company and with Bannister at the Balter building. Oswald always had creased pants when he was supposed to be an oiler at the coffee company. McWillie had called Oswald psychotic but neither Patch or Shari think this is the case.

Again, someone in the Chevy is watching them.

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The Chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee young Lee Oswald… 

Magazine Street

4907 Magazine Street 
New Orleans, Louisiana  

Being privy to someone else’s business may yield more information than anticipated. Patch and Shari are snooping as per instructions in a Pilatus note. They can see and hear Oswald playing his role as a Marxist, tying to sign up members for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee which will be turned over to all his government contacts.


Pilatus appearing while Patch and Shari are surveilling Oswald and Marina’s apartment surprises them both. The real Richard Case Nagell was more of a stealth operator and would hardly be concerned about  two nobodies watching Oswald. The character Pilatus is in Return to Dallas in order to stir the mystery pot and to provide information. The real Nagell, as detailed in Dick Russell’s The Man who knew too Much, did certain things which will be highlighted in subsequent chapters.

Pilatus calls one of the two men calling on Oswald at Magazine Street  Q and tells Patch and Shari that Oswald is anti-Castro all the way. Pilatus has a background dossier on Shari but tells Patch his file is classified. Q is Chi Chi Quintero. The CIA’s Carl Jenkins worked within AMWORLD, a CIA program to overthrow Fidel Castro. In the summer of 1963 when Quintero was at Oswald’s apartment, Jenkins and David Morales provided paramilitary training for Quintero and other members of the Movement for the Recovery of the Revolution (MRR).

Pilatus has known Oswald since their time in the service in Japan. Oswald worked or was Oswald worked or was associated with the FBI, Naval Intelligence, the KGB, the CIA, organized crime and the DRE. He says that Castro’s intel tells him the CIA is finding the anti-Castro effort. Then he stuns Patch by telling him: Leave and disappear forever. Oswald is being handled for propaganda purposes.

Bagaell Richard C.

Pilatus reveals that CIA is funding the anti-Castro activities of the DRE. The work of Jefferson Morley brought this to light. The outrageous deception was and is the trademark of what Allen Dulles’s book title implied: The Craft of Intelligence, (with a little help from spy novel writer, CIA loyalist and spy himself: Howard Hunt. All of the duplicity in the name of killing Castro. Pilatus adds David Atlee Phillips to the mix with the anti-Castro propaganda. It’s important to note that Phillips, Hunt and Dulles were experts at spy craft and propaganda. Pilatus calls Phillips a bully and Patch an amateur. The Nag’s Head car if the dots are connected leads right to Naval Intelligence and the false defector program that Lee Oswald was a part of when he defected to Russia.

Palatus vanishesinto the night

Patch and Shari listen to Lee Oswald on the radio. Ever ask yourself how some drifter loser is getting all this publicity? Seriously. This is what the Warren Commission sold the American public when the 26 volumes were released in September of 1964, some ten months after the president’s murder. In many aspects they didn’t have to spin anything. It was already done for them by the craft of Intelligence. Oswald is remarkably articulate, sounding as if he were an employee of the state department when the elaborates on Ghana and the African continent. When you go back and listen now it’s like seeing reruns over and over on an old TV show. You realize that your initial impression may have deeper roots.Pilatus says to keep what he’s telling Patch to himself. Patch I aren’t exactly making the round on the social calendar. The then double-triple spy vanishes into the night. Patch  and Shari walk ‘lovey-dovey’ on the other side of Magazine Street to deflect any suspiciousness on the part of Mr. Oswald. Patch confesses that ‘Oswald really doesn’t know who he’s working for.’ And he believes Oswald is being used for propaganda.

Jackson Square

Patch pays a kid named  Newton to retrieve the PO Box material. Oswald will be distributing Fair Play for Cuba leaflets at the International Trade Mart run by CIA paid contract source and member of Permindex Clay Shaw, Shaw will later be indicted  y New Orleans District attorney, Jim Garrison. Think about that. And Shaw is in a movie shot on the scene walking down the trade mart sidewalk toward Lee Oswald. Really?  Yup, really.

Ian Fleming

Patch and Shari have been instructed to bring the surveillance equipment to a party at 601 Royal Street in the French Quarter on August 19.th  Patch Listens to Lee Oswald pontificate about killing Castro. Two Observations: The loner loser reprobate gets invited to a party, and attends! The loner loser reprobate has just spent a month promoting Castro. Shari’s hero James Bond has an appropriate expression. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” Oswald’s game is enemy action.

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Pilatus is a double-triple agent and talking with the Russians.

What happens to Patch and Shari as the weeks pass is a classic case of spies, organized crime  or any powerful entity “putting on the squeeze.’ That’s what happens when you get in so deep either by money, or perhaps knowledge of things you shouldn’t know. The old acronym MYOB is on full display. Patch knows he can’t just mind his own business and inform Roselli that he quits. If Patch did bow out—within twenty-four hours Mr. Patch Kincaid and his girlfriend would be a footnote to a footnote of the Kennedy Assassination.

Richard Case Nagell

And speaking of getting in deeper. In Jackson Square the anti-Castro Eladio del Valle is chit chatting with the CIA operative, Mafia associate David Ferrie. Both men know Patch personally. But lurking in the shadows is a man with many handlers, a man who, Patch will understand has extensive knowledge of the shenanigans in New Orleans, including the plot against Kennedy. The man with slick reddish-brown hair has a listening device tucked in his ear.

Lee Oswald
David W. Ferrie

At the Napoleon House Bar Dave Ferrie is rubbing elbows with a bunch of young men, probably students. Seated next to him is Lee Oswald. For anyone even remotely knowledgeable of the Kennedy case Oswald’s presence in the bar or with Bannister or Bringuier is at odds with an already written story thrust upon the public on November 22, 1963.

Patch dreams of the future

Patch’s memory wanders through his dreams. He is at a table in Dealey Plaza with the red brick School Book Depository hovering. But he tells Shari that he doesn’t know anything about the location or why he was there.

President Kennedy meeting at the White House with Ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge

Of importance is President Kennedy meeting at the White House with Ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Nixon’s vice-presidential running mate in 1960. Lodge will be prominent when the CIA involves itself with the South Vietnamese generals to assassinate President Diem in November, just weeks before Dallas. The evil web spun by unseen forces will maintain power as the United States is forced into Vietnam under false pretenses.

But Pilatus has not left the area. In fact, he warns Lemon and Lime in a letter to walk away from what they’re doing with people who only care about what they want to accomplish.

The International Trade Mart
New Orleans Louisiana

Back at the PO Box a typed note is inserted with the cash. Oswald will be handing out his pamphlets again on August 16th  at the International Trade center. One of the men in the background was with Carlos Bringuier a week ago. Also on the sidewalk at Oswald’s operation is the white-haired Clay Shaw.

Clay Shaw approaching on sidewalk near Oswald

Patch learns that Clay Shaw is a ‘paid CIA contract source,’ associated with the Trade Mart. And in this correspondence are the names of the FBI men Oswald met with after his arrest for the street fight. FBI agent De Brueys and Oswald have met on many occasions at the Habana Bar.  Also Oswald frequents the Customs House Building, specifically with de Brueys, David Smith and Wendell Roache of the Immigration Service. They all know each other.    

Lee Oswald

After the street fight arrest, Oswald went on a New Orleans radio station and debated Bringuier and exiles as a Marxist. It is deemed urgent that they listen to Oswald on WDSU AM after 6:00 p.m., August 17. An FBI informant Orville Aucoin is also filming Oswald. And the FBI will photograph this incident. They are warned to stay clear of Aucoin and the FBI.

The deep spy operations and the false narratives are not what is told to the American people by the media on November 22, 1963. Instead, there was a prewritten story of a defector to communism who was at it again in New Orleans and later shot the president of the United States dead in Dallas.

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The Duplicitous Mr. Oswald and the Bringuier Fight

The Twilight Zone: A Stop at Willoughby
Push, push, push-Sell, sell, sell

Outside sales representatives want customers to trust them and they want to trust customers. The last thing a customer wants is a lying rep, distorting products, pricing, or shipping. Nor does a rep want a customers to lie about their buying habits, what they pay for goods or distorting their needs in order to gain leverage.

Carlos Bringuier

Carlos Bringuier  was a leader in the anti Castro exile community. Bringuier was the New Orleans delegate of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE), financed and formed by CIA. Patch and Shari have set up their first Oswald surveillance across from the Bringuier clothing store, Casa Roca in New Orleans. It’s August 2, 1963, just a little more than ninety days until Kennedy is killed in Dallas. Without even delving into the unclassified documents showing CIA involvement with the DRE, it is only necessary to follow Oswald’s action on the streets of New Orleans to understand the CIA’s motives. This particular surveillance is like a closed jar of gold dust floating in the water rearing a cover labeled ‘CLUES.’

The House Select Committee on Assassinations

The dialogue of this chapter is taken from HSCA testimony. The words are not conspiracy theory. They are the words of Lee Oswald, working with Guy Bannister out of 544 Camp Street while a short time later handing out pro-Castro Communist pamphlets. This operation, unknown to Patch and Shari is an operation to discredit the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Handing out communist literature paves the way for Oswald being branded a communist the afternoon of the president’s murder.

Lee Oswald working both sides

Again, on August 9th, 1963, Oswald is at it again. Even through his words over a  half a century ago there is the impression that he was a communist and maybe others worked with him. The plain fact is Oswald was set up. He was a prime candidate to be framed because of the double dealing work he did in the summer of 1963 and because of his being a part of the false defector program to the Soviet Union. And Oswald initiated a fight (as he was told to do.) Surprise! Intel performs these operations at home and abroad all the time.

Imagine being back in time like Patch Kincaid. He has Shari take photos as he records Lee Harvey Oswald on the 3 ½ inch tape recorder.  When Oswald was in the Casa Roca store just days before he proclaims that Communism holds no future and he proclaims as an Ex- Marine he can train exiles in guerrilla warfare and sabotage. But the DRE doesn’t want military action. Oswald offers to blow up the Huey P. Long Bridge. Or he could derail a train. We can thank Jim Garrison’s investigation as well as the HSCA committee testimony for much of the initial New Orleans-Oswald knowledge. The narrative form of Oswald’s duplicity with all the tensions and mystery of a novel leaves the stark impression that something just isn’t right.

The Oswald Bringuier  Fight

After the ‘fight’ and Oswald’s subsequent arrest Oswald, the loner, the malcontent, and drifter calls the FBI and is sprung from jail. It’s important to remember that the communist handout and advertisement for a free lecture is attributed to AJ Hidell who at 544 Camp Street is at the same address as commie hating Guy Banister.

Guy Bannister’s Office
544 Camp Street

Banister did tell somebody later Oswald was working for him. But in a larger sense Oswald was working for David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides, the Customs House, and the FBI with a little Naval intelligence on the side. That’s not what the Dallas police were quickly told nor was it what we were led to believe on November 22, 1963, within hours of the shooting. What a perfect set-up for a patsy.

The Puppeteers and the Patsy

David Atlee Phillips CIA
George Joanhides CIA
Lee Oswald accused of murder three months later.

Warren DeBreys
Clay Shaw
Dave Ferrie

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New Orleans, David Ferrie, and the PO Box.

Blog Audio
New Orelans 1963

Writing a fictitious novel is radically different than the complexity of a historical book. Patch and Shari’s downtime by the powers to be is not written for the reader to take in the beauty of the Galveston coast. Nor is this chapter inserted for Patch to do ‘kissy-kissy’ with Shari and tell her how he feels about her. All those aspects work. With history, if you’re honestly aligning dates and times with relevant events, you can jump ahead to the important part of the historical narrative or you can give depth to characters and maybe enhance the story with romance. So, the gap between Dallas and the New Orleans Oswald operations works just fine.

Galveston Beach

All of us have been in over our head during our life. But I doubt we’ve had the likes of Johnny Roselli, the mob, the anti-Castro Cubans, and the intel agencies put the squeeze on us. Patch and Shari walk into the Lafyette Postal Annex and approach the post office box. In every assassination book David Ferrie shows up. And until recently everyone thought Ferrie to be a quirky, high pitched voiced weirdo. That’s not the case. Ferrie was ultra-conservative with a baritone voice. And he was intelligent. During the audio recording of Return to Dallas the high pitched Ferrie’s voice had to be changed when a five second piece of tape with the real Ferrie’s voice was unearthed. The transformed voice alters his persona. Ferrie, an unequivocal JFK assassination participant, hands Patch a tiny brass key for PO box 300543, next to Oswald’s PO box.

David W. Ferrie

“I flew him into Cuba during the Bay of Pigs ahead of the invasion,” says Ferrie, adding to Patch’s lost memories of his past. After Ferrie leaves Patch removes a manilla envelope, containing two-thousand dollars, from the PO box. Patch is indebted to Roselli for the phenomenal cash flow. The risk of the surveillance and the cast of marginal characters who can easily kill, create a constant tension.

Another Two Grand for Lemon and Lime

Meet contact

Eladio del Valle

La Petite Fluer

9:00 p.m.

August 2, 1963

Eladio del Valle

Before Patch and Shari enter La Petite Fluer they hear the weird song- it really did make the top forty, Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport.   I’m not making this up. Eladio del Valle, who will die on the same day as David Ferrie in 1967, comes under scrutiny by researchers in the JFK Assassination. del Valle’s role in the assassination is very serious business and Patch having him as a contact is not meant to diminish his importance. Ferrie’s ties to del Valle link him to the assassination.

Guy Bannister

And not to become farcical but the rabid anti-communist Guy Bannister, who knew Patch in 1961 in the Kennedy Paradox shows up at the bar. Bannister’s pearl handle revolver is in plain sight. Yet due to his memory deficiency Patch does not recognize Bannister which triggers the short-fused Bannister into threatening Patch. Bannister, like del Valle and Ferrie are on a need-to-know basis with the surveillance operation and the assassination. This is done merely to demonstrate that these individuals, including Roselli were a part of the conspiracy.

Orest Pena’s Habana Bar

Patch and Shari, acting on a tip from Bannister himself, walk through the French Quarter to Orest Pena’s Habana Bar. Although this is not the beginning of the official surveillance Patch and Shari see their target- a more social Oswald than described by Ruby and McWillie as well as Oswald associating with the very people he purports to oppose. New Orleans is the center of the storm as the book progresses with the players involved in the conspiracy, many a part of United States intelligence agencies, about to make appearances in the subsequent chapters as the surveillance begins.

Postscript: Since Return to Dallas was written there have been rumors of intel personnel surveilling Oswald before the assassination. Having Oswald surveilled zeroes in on the agencies true motives as they handled Oswald or sent others out to impersonate him.

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Lemon and Lime arrive at the fringe of the JFK Conspiracy

Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby often ate at the Egyptian Lounge in Dallas, Texas, owned in 1963 by Joe Campisi. After the death of Lee Oswald Jack Ruby was visited in jail by none other than Joe Campisi. The House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations believed that Jack Ruby had eaten at Campisi’s restaurant the night before Kennedy was murdered. Rumors abound about Joe Campisi’s Mafia connections.

And guess where Patch and Shari end up after midnight after the harrowing trip from Las Vegas? The Egyptian Lounge of course. Jack motions them inside with his head. Campisi is seen on the periphery to provide a general sense of his character and what he does. The steaming lasagna, low light, and Italian music in the background further enhance the persona of the Egyptian Lounge.

Joe Campisi

Whether members of the Dallas police force frequented the Egyptian Lounge is not readily known. Placement of ‘Gerry’ at the lounge with Jack as Patch and Shari eat their lasagna and the reference to Dallas Policemen Pinky Westbrook, Nick McDonald, and Paul Bentley brings into question the  logistical involvement in the JFK assassination and the murder of Office J.D. Tippit. In Return to Dallas Jack Ruby never mentions anything about the assassination to Gerry, but it’s clear something is up. These cops may be a part of something they may not fully ever understand.

Gerry Hill

Pinky  Westbrook

Maurice ‘Nick’ McDonald

Paul  Bentley

Jack performs his role, obtaining the Edson portable record with Bakelite mic and the listening device and camera for Patch. Patch is astounded when another two thousand dollars is removed from a manilla envelope. Jack informs Patch and Shari they are onboard the surveillance now and they’ll blow our heads off if you try to back out. That’s a good incentive not to back out.

Lee Oswald

On yellow bonded paper are instructions to head to Austin and meet someone named Max at the 6th Street bridge. They receive a photo of Lee Oswald from two years ago. After heading for the Beachcomber Motel, accommodations provided by Jack, Patch places Shari behind the wheel as they are chased up the highway. The light-colored Ford station wagon is no match for Shari’s driving skills and they are able to safely get away.

The taped reports and photos will  be sent to New York City to a Mr. Ed Toraz. Ed Toraz was of course the pseudonym for Bernardo de Torres who was in the thick of the conspiracy with CIA connections. They don’t have to arrive in New Orleans until August 2nd and at eleven AM go to the Post Office box. Max leaves after telling them to wait at the bridge for further instructions. If Max isn’t military then I’m Snow White,” says Patch. “Funny you don’t look like snow white, Shari replies.

Bernard Barker

Bernard Barker

Rolando Masferre

Rolando Masferre

Bernard Barker and Rolando Masferre  approach Patch and Shari on the bridge. Barker later of Watergate burglar fame, was heavily involved in the failed Bay of Pigs operation. According to Dallas detective, Seymour Weitzman, Barker was the man on the Grassy Knoll who was showing Secret Service identification and ordering people out of the area. Barker reiterates what Roselli has said about Patch’s courage in preventing the terrorist Carlos Sanchez from killing several Mafia leaders.

59 Chevy

Patch and Shari don’t know that Max is from Army intel. He calls them Lemon and Lime and hands then an updated photo of Oswald. Max mentions the President is coming to Dallas in November but the details are not formalized. In his rules of engagement, he instructs them they are to stay out of sight from Oswald. Their surveillance will be a singular operation with a verbal report on tape submitted after each encounter. Max makes it clear Jack role in this operation is over and to stay away from him. A post office box number 300543 has been set up at the Lafayette Post Office Annex in New Orleans for Patch and Shari. This box is next to Oswald’s box at the post office.

Nag’s Head-Remember that city in North Carolina. As Patch and Shari leave the bridge area a man with binoculars is park not too far away. Woosley Chevrolet, Nag’s head North Carolina is stamped on the rear of the car. Patch asks him why he’s so far away from North Carolina and he claims he is bird watching. But Patch, not trusting anyone notices a tag on the binoculars that could indicate government. Lee Oswald while in custody tried to call a cutout in Raleigh N.C., near Nag’s Head, North Carolina- where the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) had a training site for fake defectors, Oswald’s assignment from 1959-1962 in the USSR. The Nag’s Head reference in Return to Dallas is a friendly reminder of the real Lee Harvey Oswald.

Patch and Shari next drive to Galveston Beach for a weeks of downtime before they are thrust in the thick of the Oswald operation in New Orleans.

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