Science Fiction and Imagined Science Fiction Laws.

It’s 1608, Ladies and Gentlemen and a prescient mathematics teacher from Graz in Austria wrote his Somnium-the dream. I dream all the time and occasionally I find myself visualizing planets and stars or moons in my nocturnal journeys. Here in 2021 we’ve had decades of cinema productions with brilliant graphics and actual missions into orbit,Continue reading “Science Fiction and Imagined Science Fiction Laws.”

A Cyborg with a Screw Loose

There have been so many stories and movies about Cyborgs and androids. I remember comfortably sitting in my theater seat in front of a massive stage curtain in Pasadena California. It was 1983 and Harrison Ford had zoomed into stardom in the 70’s. The curtain opened ever so slowly to the largest movie screen IContinue reading “A Cyborg with a Screw Loose”

To the Next Generation of Dreamers

Sir Richard Branson stowing away on his own vessel Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity spacecraft to the edge of outer space is what I dreamed of when I was a boy. Before John Glenn orbited the earth there were several holds and delays before the actual blastoff on February 20, 1962. So, what, Fitton? Those delaysContinue reading “To the Next Generation of Dreamers”

There’s No Place like Home

Good Monday Morning! No, this post isn’t about Glinda the Good Witch and her spell sending Dorothy back to Kansas. But the phrase is most assuredly, unequivocally hijacked from the spell. Those words, There’s no place like home, written by L. Frank Baum over a century ago get to the heart of many a good Kansas man orContinue reading “There’s No Place like Home”

Why is the 1939 New York World’s Fair so Important?

There have been other fairs before and after the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The first time I became aware of the 1939 fair was in my grandmother’s attic which was walkable on a wood plank floor and the high gables of the Victorian house gave the attic a spacious aura. There were numerous booksContinue reading “Why is the 1939 New York World’s Fair so Important?”

Johnny’s Back in Town

Part Two It’s a good idea to murder somebody sooner rather than later. Sounds like a quote from Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately, we don’t have quotes from Jack the Ripper because Jack’s middle name was Incognito. Why is it we’re all fascinated with murder? Same reason we study the Civil War or the Kennedy Assassination.Continue reading “Johnny’s Back in Town”

Johnny’s Back in Town

Part One “Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business.” Last night I was happy to get my copy of the latest Matthias Jones book: Johnny’s Back in Town. The Matthias Jones Series is not your typical murder-mystery. (Ya think, Fitton?) Jones is a coach of three sports at Hamilton College in fictitious Hamilton New Hampshire. That’s whatContinue reading “Johnny’s Back in Town”

Hey, wait a minute… July 3rd… 50 years… Jim Morrison?

In the photo above Jim Morrison sits with Pam Courson at a Paris café table. James Douglas Morrison in hours would slip away forever. There are many accounts of how and why Jim Morrison died. From all that I’ve read- Occam’s Razor (the bad heroin mixed with Booze and bad health and substantiated physical injuriesContinue reading “Hey, wait a minute… July 3rd… 50 years… Jim Morrison?”