Who, I say WHO is this Guy?

Robert P. Fitton

This is an excellent opportunity to look ‘under the hood’ while writing. I don’t know what this engine will look like! The blog will in real time give an insight to me-Oh my God! And I think readers will get a better understanding of where I’m approaching different characters and themes in my stories. And I will have flashbacks to other books I have written as well as audio from the audio books and podcast. I think you’ll see a history influence, a sense of crime solving and character perseverance. Not all my work is humorous like the Matthias Jones series but it isn’t humorless either. Questions will be answered… possibly truthfully.

So read on Macbeth!

Published by fitton_on_the_air_podcast

Cape Cod author Robert P. Fitton graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in American Studies, with emphasis on American History. In college he added science fiction writing and American literature courses. Post college Fitton expanded his writing craft by studying with science fiction and mystery authors as well as screenwriters. Fitton developed a strong but thoughtful voice, many times humorous, buttressed by a direct style and influenced by Hitchcock’s mystery thrillers, Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. His time travel novels are spun from his love of history and sense of adventure.

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